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Sarabi is a lioness character who first appeared in Disney's popular 1994 animated feature film The Lion King. She was voiced by the late Madge Sinclair.

Sarabi in The Lion King

Sarabi is Mufasa's mate and mother to Simba. She has very few appearances in The Lion King, and did not feature in the sequels due to the death of Madge Sinclair not long after The Lion King was released.

At the beginning of The Lion King, she is seen cradling a very young cub Simba before Rafiki presents him to the crowd of animals gathered at Pride Rock. Later she is seen as Simba rouses his father Mufasa to take him to the top of Pride Rock to show him the kingdom. Her next appearance is when she is snoozing on a rock next to Nala's mother Sarafina as Simba comes running along to tell Nala about the elephant graveyard. Then she is seen as the lionesses are mourning the death of Mufasa and Simba (who is not dead, but exiled by Scar). She appears again, years later, as Scar demands that she explain why there is no food. She is then seen one last time as Simba emerges victorious from his fight with Scar.

Sarabi in The Lion King (musical)

Sarabi's role is not much different in the muscial based on the movie, but she is in an extended African dance number during the 2nd act, along with the other lionesses.