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Zira and Timon

     In the Pride Lands, Sarabi and Simba were talking about what had
happened while he was gone. Simba's hate for Scar grew more furious by
the minute.
"Sarabi, mother, What else did he do?"
Sarabi yawned and answered, "Enough for now, I am going to take a little
cat nap, haha."
So Simba left his mother under the tree and went over to Nala.
"Nala! How are you today?"
"I'm feeling great and you?"
"I am good, knowing that Kiara is being watched over by Timon and
Nala sighed and nuzzled Simba, "You know how I think of those two hukuna
matata bums"
"Now, Nala, with out them I would have died!"
"Yes, but couldn't they move back to the jungle or something? They are
really a pain!"
Nala said this not knowing that the curious meerkat was watching near by.
Timon gasped on hearing this and ran off to the water hole to tell
"Pumbaa! Nala doesn't want us here... What are we going to do about it?"
Pumbaa, who was busy watching Kiara, smiled at Timon and said, "Timon you
worry too much. Hukuna Matata, besides you know she would never be so
Timon shrugged and sighed, "I guess your right Pumbaa.. For once, but you
know, Watching this kid is no Hukuna Matata life style! I liked it better
living in the jungle."
"Yeah Sure Timon, but you said that you loved being in the Power!"
"Shut up."
Then Kiara came over and sneaked up behind Timon, and pounced on him
"AHHHH!!!!!" Timon yelled, only to discover that it was only Kiara he
said, "Hey Kid! Get off me! You don't weigh a feather and I like my
Kiara jumped off and ran over to Pumbaa.
"Yes Kiara?"
"What’s over there?" she said pointing to the desert.
"The Desert..."
"Ohh ok.. So,.. Where does the desert go?"
"To the jungle.. And why ask all these questions?"
"'Cause your the smartest person I know next to my dad!"
Pumbaa blushed, and Timon ran over there.
"But Kiara, it's a proven fact that I Timon Berkowitz am the smartest
"Says who?"
Pumbaa jumped in the middle of them. "Stop this fighting, It's only bad
for you both!"
Kiara smiled and looked at Pumbaa innocently, "Sorry Timon!"
Then Pumbaa looked at Timon and stared at him.
"Yeah I bet you are!"
"Timon....." Said Pumbaa in a harsh tone.
"Apologize to Kiara!"
Timon glared at Pumbaa, then Kiara.
"And if I don't?"
Pumbaa snorted and frowned at him.
"Then I will..... Timon just apologize!"
"Oooh! A threat!! I'm soo scared!! Hahahaha!"
"Fine then... (mumble mumble) sorry Kiara...," said Timon as he was
walking off, "Sorry you are such a mook!!"
Timon headed off to the trees next, looking for a grub or two, maybe
three. Mumbling to himself this wasn't the first time this had happened.
Timon was getting sick of Kiara and Pumbaa. He was even sick of all the
lions. He wanted to go. Back to the Jungle. Where he belonged. Sure, he
was supposed to be in a Meerkat colony. But after Tatiana he never wanted
to go back. Finding a nice juicy grub, he caught it and ate it quickly.
"Why is the 'Kat always picked on? Huh? I mean sure, I am the smallest,
the smartest, the bravest, and even the most good looking but this is
     Returning back to Pride Rock he went under it in a little crevice
for shade. He called this place his burrow, even though it was just a
tiny cave. No one could bother him in there, he could be alone and think
for a change. And that’s what he did. Simba came then and roared into it,
Timon slipped out and sat down on a rock, "and what do you want?"
"Kiara tells me that you are being rude again!"
"Me? Rude? Hardly! Yeeesh!"
"Timon, you are lying to me!"
"Timon....." he growled, "I am getting sick of your attitude, and so are
the others."
"What are you saying?"
"I am saying that you better clean up your act and act like a member of
the Pride!"
Timon laughed and said coolly "Well I ain't no lion, so I ain't in no
Simba growled and said "Timon, We expect you to act like a citizen of the
Pride Lands"
"and respect all the creatures from the crawling ant to the leaping
antelope.. I know I know Simba! I've heard it all before! It's not like
you haven't told me enough! And besides I ain't a part of the Pride
Lands! I am a Citizen of the Jungle and My rules are Hukuna Matata!"
Timon said with a slight laughing mock.
"Oh, so not a part of the Pride Lands 'ey? Why don't you just go back to
the jungle? Hm?"
"Because you and Pumbaa need me! I mean it's not like you haven't noticed
that I Run the Pride Lands and all!"
Simba grew very angry at this and roared with out thinking "Timon, for
your foolishness, I banish you from the Pride Lands for three days! If I
catch you in here in those three days, you will be banished forever!"
Timon gulped and forced a week laugh, "your kidding right? Hehe?"
"No Timon, now get your mangy hide out of here! You have till sun down to
be gone."
Simba roared at him and bared his teeth, "GO!"
"You wouldn't hurt me! Ha! Simba! You are a real joker!"
"Timon this time I am not Joking. Go now, or I will force you to go!"
"Oh like your not forcing me now!"
"IS that a challenge?"
"Maybe it is Simba, maybe it is!"
With that Simba whipped out his claws and swiped him across the tail.
Timon cried in surprise and ran, heading towards the Elephant Graveyard.
Pumbaa saw Timon running and stopped him, "Where are you going?"
"Shut up Pumbaa!"
Pumbaa sighed and let him go, he assumed it was just that he was having a
bad day, those happened so often lately. Timon ran off till he reached
the border, by then it was almost sundown. He carefully put his paw over
and stepped into the Outlands. Smells of hyenas filled the air, and Timon
ran for cover. Hiding in a old hollow tree, he looked around and kept a
good look out. Eyeing every thing with caution.
     The first night, Timon crept out of the tree and silently tip
toed around, all was silent. He went over to an elephant skull and bumped
into it, startled he jumped back and stepped on a small bone, cracking it
and making a sound. Then he smelt hyena.
     He looked around but saw nothing. All was silent. Then he heard a
yip and a howl, but he could see nothing. The mist and shadows were
gathering around him.. And suddenly a black figure could be seen through
the mist. Soon another one was seen, then another, until, he was
surrounded. He could see the outlines of thirteen hyena and one lioness.
The lioness slipped out through the shadows and the hyenas advanced a
foot or two coming in view. The lioness was none other than Zira, the
wife of Scar. He backed up only to bump into the immense elephant skull.
With his back against the wall and him surrounded he knew he was trapped.
Fearing the worst his little knees started shaking as his eyes grew huge,
but his pupils small. Zira was now four feet away and spoke to him.
"Ahh, what do we have here? Isn't this the king's rat?"
The hyenas laughed and yipped.
"Hmmmmm... what to do with him, what to do..?"
"Can we eat him?" one hyena said.
"No, I think I have a better Idea... If we get him, we may be able to get
Timon tried to run through the hyenas but they hit him just like a squeak
toy. Finally Zira said, "Enough foolish games! The way to skin a cat, is
with the rat!" and then, claws extended, she whacked Timon hard over the
back, then flung him against the wall, slamming into it and sliding to
the floor, knocking him out cold. "There that out to do!" she chuckled
and the hyenas laughed. Then they took him to a rib cage and threw him in
it, and posted three hyena guards for it. All threw the night, Zira
thought about what to do with the rat, and how to get Simba here... for
the bait.
     It had been two days since Timon had been gone and Simba was
getting worried. Nala watched him pace nervously around the den.
"Something could have happened... didn't he know I was kidding?"
Nala chuckled and said "maybe the rat thing has gone back to the jungle.
Don't worry Simba, he'll be back, as always"
Simba sighed and then said, "Maybe I should go looking for him!"
Nala shrugged and replied "Simba, he was banished for three days, it's
only been two!"
Simba nodded in agreement and began to calm down. "And besides, I'm
sure he's ok! He's a Meerkat remember? And a smart one too!" Simba sat
down and nodded, reassuring himself. Little did they know that Timon was
really with Zira, still unconcience in the rib cage, with three angry and
hungry guards. Pumbaa on the other hand was not worried at all, in fact he
was mad at Timon for not telling him about it.
     After a while Timon finally started to come around, not knowing
what had happened, he slowly staggered up and rubbed his head. Then he
felt a sharp sudden pain on his back. He looked back over his shoulder as
far as he could and saw five huge scratches burrowed into his back.
Reaching his paw back, the second he touched it he winced in pain. Then
when withdrawing his paw back, he saw it was covered in blood. Timon
looked around and saw he was in a dark gloomy place. With a major head
ache he sat back down and studied his dungeon. There beside the cage was
two sleeping hyenas, and another one up ahead. Slowly he remembered what
had happened.
"Oy! I gotta' get out of here.. Before those guys kill me!" then rubbing
his head the ease the pain, he figured that maybe he could slip out of
the cage. But sadly, to his dismay the ribs of the cage were not big
enough for him to squeeze out, so sadly he sat back down on a rock,
wondering what to do. Surely Simba, he though, would come and rescue me
any time now.. Yes any time now.. Hours passed and Timon was still
sitting there, any time now, yes any time.. Then the hyenas woke up
because of Timon's chatter and glared at him.
"Oh Zira! Our guest has awakened!" then he saw the huge lioness pad over,
smiling evilly.
"Ahh, I see you are awake huh? Well now, this is puuurrfect, in two or
more days we'll send the word to the "king" of the Pride Lands to come
rescue his Rat thing.. And when he does, we'll have him in a trap."
Timon backed up against the wall. "Why can't you send for him now ya'
mook! Afraid that if your plans are not all perfect he'll kill you? And
your lousy no good, vulgar hyena friends too?" Zira stared at him and
laughed, "Ah a little brat then huh? Well, your going to be in sad shape
for Simba, Ha ha ha!" And with that she padded off. The hyenas sticking
they're noses up to the cage repeatedly laughing and taunting, "And once
we get Simba, We'll chow down.. On you!"
Timon shuddered and went as far back as he could.
"They're going to eat me! I just know it..." the day slowly passed as
Timon was forced to stay in that little confinement. He found small sticks
and things to play with, but Timon thought to himself, "oh joy, a stick,
I'm going to have real fun now!" and so he left the sticks and rocks
     Back at the Pride Lands, Simba and Pumbaa and all the others
waited at Pride Rock for Timon's return.. Hour after hour they waited,
for no show. And then Simba began to worry again. "Ohh he probably was
eaten! If anything happens to that meerkat I'll never forgive myself!"
Pumbaa grunted and said "Well, I'll bet he went back to the jungle.."
Nala replied, "I think he's here, just hiding to make you feel bad.. You
know that Timon. Always giving some one a guilt trip!"
And soon the night was over and dawn was breaking, Pumbaa asleep next to
Kiara and Nala curled up by Simba. Simba was awake though, waiting still
waiting. But he was only barely awake. The next day when Simba and the
others woke up, it was the middle of the day. Simba sent Zazu to look for
Timon while he went about his kingly duties. Soon Zazu came back with the
morning report.
"Well, no sight of Timon.. But the heard of antelope is doing much
better now, thanks to you ridding the Pride Lands of those Hyena! Bla Bla
bla bla bla bla blabedybla bla" Then gopher popped up.
"Zazu! Sir! News from the underground!" Zazu listened to the news and
turned to Simba, "Simba! Sire! Hyenas in the Pride Lands!" and without
further delay Simba ran off to the border to chase them off.
When he got there though, they insisted that they should talk to him.
"Queen Zira wanted us to give you a message."
"I want none of your kind here! And I don't care about Zira!"
"Oh ok then. I guess you'll never see your little rat thing again!"
Simba stopped and his face went all pail.
"You Have Timon?"
"Oh so that’s his name, yes we have the stripy rat thing in Queen Zira's
"What do you want with him?"
"Ohh she was just thinking that he would make a nice treat.... for us.."
and with that the hyenas sped off back to the out lands.
     Simba watched the hyenas, trying to think of what to do. Should
he risk himself to Zira and rescue Timon? Or let him get his just
deserves, and hope he'll escape. Simba sadly and slowly walked back to
Pride Rock, deciding not to tell any one about this. Hopefully it would
blow over, he thought. But it wasn't likely. Pumbaa paced around
anxiously, with Kiara at his side. Both sort of worried, but not too
worried. They were still mad at Timon.
     Inside the rib cage, Timon got lot's of thinking done. He
thought maybe they'd let him go after a few jokes. But he only knew
hyena jokes. So they didn't let him out, in fact they just snarled at him
and made death threats.
"Oy, this does me a lot of good huh?"
The hyenas laughed at him and circled the rib cage, grinning evilly and
mocking the poor meerkat. Sighing, Timon turned his back on them and
thought of Hukuna Matata. This didn't work though.
"Oooh, so when's your brave Lion King coming to save you Rat?" one hyena
guard said.
Timon rolled his eyes and tried to just focus on a rock, despite the
"Yeah! I thought he was sooo special and powerful and all! Ahahahaha!"
one of them cackled, which set all of them on a laughing uproar.
"Just Shut up! SHUT UP!" Timon growled. <and yes meerkats do growl> :)
One of them grinned, then looked hurt at Timon, and covered his eyes with
one paw and said sadly "Oh We're sooo sorry Master Rat thing! Please
forgive us and our foolish ideas!" then he laughed and the others joined
in laughing cruelly at the poor Timon.
"You still think he's going to come save you huh?" one chuckled.
"Maybe, maybe not.. What's it to you?" Timon muttered.
The Hyena's laughed in a blood chilling way and stared at Timon licking
they're chops, padding towards the cage, showing they're teeth. Timon
backed against the cage as far as he could go, and stared at the teeth of
the hungry Hyenas. Timon shivered and closed his eyes, wishing to
escape from this dreadful place. Because, even though he didn't show it,
he still had hope that Simba might come.

     Only after the fourth day, did Pumbaa begin to worry. Kiara
sensed it too, for while he was watching her, she saw that he didn't want
to play any more. Zazu came by and said in a cheery voice "Ok Kiara!
Let's hear your reciting!"
Kiara shrugged and began in her sweet little voice "ehem! Uhhh.." she
thought for a moment... "Oh yes! Heheh Ehem, Every thing exists in a
delac... delaca...." she paused thinking of the word "Delicate balance.
And we need to understand that balance and respect all the creatures...
from the leaping ant, to the crawling antelope... no that's not right..
Hmm... from the leaping ant, ... Oh!! I know!! From the crawling ant, to
the leaping antelope!" she looked up at Zazu "Right?"
Zazu shook his head and grinned "It's getting better.. But you still need
to practice.. Don't you agree Pumbaa?" Zazu looked to Pumbaa, who was
laying on the grass, looking at the sky. "Pumbaa?" Zazu said questioning.

     Pumbaa rolled over "What? Oh yeah, good job Kiara.. Ever improving."
Kiara raised an eye brow at Pumbaa and shrugged some more.. Pouncing on
a bug she said laughing "too bad that rat... Tido or whatever isn't here
>:) he was fun to pounce on.. Even funnier than these bugs!"
Pumbaa grinned at Kiara and started to pad down the path "come on Kiara,
we need to see your dad the King to show him how good your doing in your
reciting!" Kiara reluctantly followed him and bounced along side him.
     "GOT it!" Zira roared as she slammed her paws down on the rock
"We'll use the rat thing as bait!" the hyena's looked at her with a
questioned look "but I thought that was always the plan Mistress Queen
Zira!" Zira thought for a moment "why yes, It was.. Hmm... Well.. How
about we kill him when he gets here?"
The hyena's grinned and chuckled at this "Very good plan Queen Zira!"
Zira grinned also agreeing.. Then she looked over at Timon in the cage,
trying to dig out.
"You know your very foolish for trying to escape.."
Timon glared back at her "You don't think I’ve already thought of that?
Geeez! Your more of a mook than Simba said!"
Zira laughed and sneered "ooh, what a cocky little rat, you know that's
going to get you in a lot of trouble.."
Timon pushed and growled "It already has"
The hyena's laughed and agreed, ooohing at Zira's long claws that were
now extended, watching eagerly for any action. Zira silently padded to
the cage, glaring at Timon, laughing. Timon looked up and feared the
worse . Zira grinned "So tell me, how close are you to Simba anyways?"
Timon raised and eye brow "Why should you care? Your going to kill me
anyways... I'm not going to tell you 'nothin'"
Zira shook her head in disappointment "It was only a simple question, you
didn't have to be so rude"
"And you don't think it's rude to keep me here locked up in this cage,
using me as bait to kill Simba? The Rightful king!?!"
"Kovu, my son is the rightful King."
Timon laughed at this "Yeah uh huh.. You know that Simba was next in
line! Scar only killed Mufasa! Not Simba! Scar was never king!"
Zira sneered and put her muzzle up the cage, snapping distance
"Don't you ever talk that way about my poor Scar!!"
"Uh huh.....well to bad there's nothing you, me, or Simba can do about it
now! I mean since he's dead and all ."
Zira broke part of the cage and reached in to put a claw against Timon's
throat, threatening to piece his soft fur "Simba killed Scar, and now I
must kill Simba"
"But it wasn't Simba who killed Scar! It was the hyena's duh! Where were
you when it happened?"
Zira growled and put a little pressure on Timon's throat growling "ok, if
it was the hyena's who killed Scar... then Scar didn't kill Mufasa"
"yeah he did! He like.. Pushed him off the cliff! Of course he killed
Mufasa! He ain't alive is he?" Timon squeaked, feeling the pressure...
"ooh, but the hyena's killed Scar, not Simba, the Weilderbeasts killed
Mufasa! So now what do you have to say?"
Timon gulped.. It was getting hard to breath.....
"WELL RAT THING?!" Zira said applying even more pressure...
But Timon couldn't answer... for it was right then when he blacked out.
     "Once Twice and again!" Zazu called trying to think of a plan for
Simba... for only Zazu knew who had Timon.. Nala chuckled at Simba "hehe
Simba! I think he's probably at the meerkat colonies.... why do you worry
so much anyways?"
Simba coughed and said quietly "I know who has him.."
Pumbaa, who was sitting there.. Thinking very hard, grunted hearing this
"Where Simba?!?! where?!?!"
Simba growled "He's with Zira....she's got him.."
Pumbaa then snorted "Then let's go get him!"
Zazu added "But it's not that easy Pumbaa, Zira wants Simba dead, and so
she'll do anything to get the job done!"
All in the den nodded.... wondering how and.. If they would ever get
Timon out...
     Meanwhile, three outsider cubs were playing with a stick under
the watchful eye of a young lion.
"Hey, Cwandoya! Get a load of this stick! It tastes pretty good.." Vitani
said munching on a stick.
Cwandoya came over and looked at the stick "It doesn't look very good to
Vitani just grinned and looked over at the small dark colored cub,
watching the sunset. "Hey Kovu, come here and try this stick! Tell Cwan
here that it's tasty ok?"
Kovu reluctantly trotted over to the stick and took a lick.
"What do you think Kovu?" Vitani questioned.
"Yeah it's ok.." he muttered as he walked back to his rock and continued
to watch the stars as they came out into the night.
Cwan grinned and headed towards the stick. She was older than the two
cubs she was playing with... but still a cub... she looked over at Nuka
and grinned, blinking and daydreaming... then she remembered the stick
and tried a bit "better than that hyena food... but then again.. Even a
rock is better than the hyena's food"
All cubs agreed except for Nuka... who kinda liked the food a bit.. But
kept that to himself. Kovu sniffed the air and started to wonder back
towards the den.. Vitani noticed and looked towards him "Hey Kovu! Where
are ya' going?"
Kovu grinned and said quietly "I smell... fresh meat!" and with that he
bounded off to the den, with Vitani and Cwan following close behind..
Nuka, seeing that the cubs were gone, approached the stick and took a bite
"this isn't good!" he exclaimed... "those cubs must be imagining things
or something.." then he sat down and began gnawing on it.
     Back at the den, Kovu, Vitani, began to search for the food.
While Cwan waited out side because of the rules that only family may
enter Zira's den. But she wasn't bored... she just watched Nuka and
daydreamed some more...
Kovu and Vitani quickly tracked down the smell and identified it as
"Yumm... maybe mom found us a snack!" Kovu grinned .
"No you stupid! I bet it's just an intruder... let's go get it.. He he
he" Vitani explained..
They both went towards the smell, until they got to the meeting hall.
There Zira was telling the head Hyenas and Lionesses the plan. They
just ignored them and crept quietly till they found the rib cage. They
poked they're nose inside it.. And saw Timon.... laying motionless on the
They turned and grinned at each other and quietly agreed to take it out
side and eat it. So Vitani reached in and picked Timon up by the scruff
and snuck out of the den.
     Out side they examined the little meerkat... and thought about
what a good treat he would be.. Cwandoya came over.. With Nuka and all
four of them stared at it.
"Ooh.. I can't wait Till I eat him" Vitani grinned, licking her chops.
"Hey! I am gonna eat him!" cried Kovu.
"No, Oldest eats first!" growled Nuka.
Cwandoya just nodded at Nuka agreeing with everything he said..
Vitani turned at growled at Nuka and Kovu... standing over Timon guarding
her dinner..
"Hey! He's mine!" whined Kovu.
Nuka growled and pushed Vitani over.. "No HE is my Dinner!"
Cwan grinned "yeah he's Nuka's dinner!"
Vitani growled at Nuke as she got up "NO He's mine! I got him!" she then
cuffed him on the nose. Kovu.. Seeing his two older siblings were busy...
reached into the pile and grabbed the meerkat and started to walk off
with it.. Leaving them fighting..
     Simba terribly worried now, paced around and around until you
could swear you could see a path in the rock where he had been walking.
Nala how ever wasn't the least bit worried and she called to Simba
"Simba, calm down.. He'll be back!"
Simba looked to Nala, now feeling tired.. Sadly he walked back to the
cave and laid down by Nala. "Maybe your right Nala... at least I hope
you are.." Simba finally fell asleep after an hour or so.. Then Nala
whispered looking out and into the sky at the stars "I hope I’m right...
please let me be right.." she cuddled Kiara close and then drifted asleep
     Pumbaa walked through the tall grass, hoping to see a sign of
Timon escaping... It was almost pitch black that night, with no moon, and
only the stars to guide them. Zazu swooped down and landed on Pumbaa's
head as seeing Timon doing just that for as long as he could remember. He
fluffed out his wings and stretched... obviously tired. And as well he
should be for they had been searching for hours. Pumbaa grunted and
continued on trudging through the grass looking up at the stars for hope.
He then chuckled which startled the bird on his head awake. "What is it
"Timon always said those stars were Fire Flies.... ha ha, but I think
Simba's right about them.. They are there to guide us.. And besides.. How
could they get all the way up there?"
Zazu chuckled also and yawned.. Looking over the grass for anything
peculiar. "Don't you think it's time we turn in? I mean it's getting
awfully late.."
Pumbaa sighed "I guess we'd better.... If we go any further.. I think
we'd get lost.."
They both agreed on this and turned around, and started back for home...
keeping they're eyes on Pride Rock for they're only way back.
     Kovu sat down on a hill, over looking the Pride Lands and put the
meerkat down at his paws. Off in the distance he saw the grass parting
towards him.. He crouched down low and kept watch of it... but then. It
turned and headed back they way it had come... Odd, he thought.. And then
he recognized the scent of Wart Hog.. Shrugging.. He turned his attention
to the food he had brought with him.. Wondering where to start first.. On
the head.. Or on the foot.... he thought about this for a while and
yawned... looking around.. Over head he saw a shooting star, he smiled
and looked at the stars..
"Some where.. My dad is up there.. Watching over me.. At least that's
what my mom says.." he said talking to Timon.. Who was still "asleep"..
But mostly he was talking to himself...
"I wish he were here... I want a dad... to teach me to hunt and
things..... but I guess that will never happen..." a tear rolled down
Kovu's cheek.. And he looked to the meerkat..
Timon blinked and put his paw to his throat and rubbed it painfully....
Kovu looked at the rat thing and wondered what it was doing..
Timon sat up and winced at the pain in his back, head, throat, and neck
in general... he turned around and blinked.. Speechless.. There was a
giant lion... there looking at him with big evil teeth.... Kovu smiled
at Timon and said "Hi there little dinner! Er I mean... meerkat!"
Timon slowly backed up.. Eyes wide open.. And obviously scared.... Kovu
grinned and stepped towards him "Hey.. Stop moving! I gotta eat you
before I go to bed!"
Timon blinked more and backed up more.. Watching the evil hungry huge
lion "IT'S S.. S....SCAR!!! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!" he rolled down the
hill and skidded at the bottom... rolling right into the tall grass.....
staggering up he began to run through the impossibly tall grass... as
quickly as his little paws could carry him.. Kovu began to chase after
him, but then he heard his mom Zira calling... Kovu turned and slowly
began to walk home....wishing he had eaten the meerkat...
     The meerkat grew very tired as he ran, he slowed down and began
to walk aimlessly lost in the tall grass. On approaching a tree, he
attempted to climb it for a better view, but he just didn't have the
strength to. Frowning, he tried repeatedly to get up... But he just
couldn't... so he kept walking through the grass long into the night..
One thing was for sure though, he knew he was in the Pride Lands.
     It was almost dawn when Simba walked up Pride Rock and looked
over the Pride Lands...
Zazu joined him and perched on his shoulder. They had agreed that Simba
not danger himself in attempt to save Timon... but that still didn't stop
them from feeling guilty.
Simba sighed as seeing no sign and walked slowly back to his den.. Zazu
yawned and stretched, and then leapt off the edge, letting the wind catch
his wings and he soared into the sky. Zazu grinned as the sun started to
roll over the Pride Lands, making everything have a tint of reds and
golds.... He flew far and fast as the sounds of life were coming to be.
He then swooped down for a nice landing and perched himself on a rock.
Hopping to the waterhole he took a quick sip and caught his breath. Then
he took off again, the agile hornbill's feathers glowing in the sun rise.
His eyes scanning the grass watching for any signs of the missing meerkat.
     Wandering the grasslands, Timon rubbed his eyes and kept
walking.. His sore pads plodded slowly with the rest of his paw. Then
his eyes snapped awake and he heard the sound of feathers.. He looked
above him and saw the regale bird Zazu soaring in the sky. A silhouette
against the brilliantly lit sky. Erupting he jumped up and down waving his
paws wildly and yelling as loud as he could, "ZAZU!!!!! ZAZU!! I'm Down
here!!!" Timon frowned as Zazu passed on by taking no notice, then Timon
grinned and yelled "HEY BANANA BEAK!! DOWN HERE!!!!"
Zazu hearing this.. Turned and did a few circles looking down into the
grass for the fur who yelled that... Timon grinned hopefully and yelled
again "BANANA BEAK!! I'M DOWN ..." he stopped seeing Zazu flying in
another circle and again swooped down and landed.. Almost crashing into
Timon. Timon sighed with relief and grinned at Zazu.
"That's Mister Banana Beak to you Fuzzy!"
Timon Laughed and said "I am soo glad to see you ya' mook!"
Zazu grinned said to Timon "ok.. Here’s the deal, I'll go fly up there..
And you watch and follow me ok? I'll fly slow for you.."
Timon grinned "ok.. Sure ya' mook... thanx by the way"
And with that Zazu flew into the air and Timon began to follow him.. Zazu
of course had to fly in circles for Timon to catch up, but that was ok.
They continued on though the tall grass, till they reached the water
hole.. Timon thanked and Saluted Zazu as he flew off towards Pride Rock.
Timon grateful for being back, soaked his paws in the cool water until
he was sure they were going to shrink or something. He climbed out and
walked slowly back to Pride Rock. Hearing Pumbaa's and Kiara's voice he
hid behind a rock and listened to her recite her reciting.
"We are all connected in the Great Circle of Life.. No that comes
later... hmm... Oh yes.. We all exist in a delicate balance.. And as
Queen you need to understand that balance and respect all creatures..
From the leaping ant.. To the crawling antelope... no that’s not right..."
"We must respect all creatures from the crawling ant, to the leaping
antelope." said Timon stepping out from behind the rock. Kiara and
Pumbaa looked over to Timon and dropped they're jaws. Kiara ran over to
him and Pounced on him "Ooooh Timon!! I missed pouncing on you!!"
Timon ooowed and got out of Kiara's pounce, but was grabbed by Pumbaa "Oh
Timon!! It just hasn't been Hukuna Matata Without you!!!"
Timon grinned and got away, just as Simba and Nala were approaching...
Simba put a huge paw on Timon's shoulder and patted it... "Timon! We
missed you and I'm sorry I banished you!"
Timon barely able to stand now jumped out of the way and tried to catch
his breath. Then they all walked towards him "Hey!!! Stay away from me
ya' mooks! Don't touch me!" they all backed away and grinned at Timon,
happy he was back.
     While back at Zira's den, the guard hyena's looked at the broken
and empty rib cage.. Quietly discussing what to do.. They decided they
better run away.... and just as they were heading out.. They heard Zira's
mighty roar "I'm GOING TO KILL YOU HYENAS!!!!"
They knew she had found the now empty cage and they bolted out of
"Next time meerkat, you won't be so lucky" she roared as she smashed the
cage angrily.

The End

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