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The Scarring of Taka 
	Mufasa couldn't be happier. A small red, blue,
                           and green butterfly 
                           landed on a small branch ahead, and he pounced at it like a small golden 
                           lightning bolt. The insect must have seen him coming, because it flew 
                           into the air just before being captured.
                           	Another cub was practicing pouncing nearby. His darker skin helped 
                           him look like a shadow in the grass. "I'll show you how to pounce," he 
                           silently told his victim. "You're gonna be the next king, so it's my 
                           obligation to teach you how to do this right."
                           	In reality, the entire pride recognized how much potential both 
                           cubs had for the future. Mufasa was the stronger, taller, and more 
                           impressive cub, but Taka could convince anyone to do anything for him 
                           with his intelligence, and never got into a fight he couldn't talk his 
                           way out of, which basically was all of them. Everyone knew they would 
                           both would make fine kings one day, and any rivalry was done in fun with 
                           a laugh in the air.
                           	Taka closed on his target, his brother. "Stay quiet, don't let 
                           them know you're coming." He crouched, preparing to leap out. Before he 
                           could, however, he noticed a growing shadow circling his brother.
                           	Mufasa was so intent on the butterfly he failed to notice the 
                           shadow until too late. He turned and, with his mouth falling open in 
                           fear, saw a large hawk descending on him. He would have tried to run and 
                           hide, but the bird was on him before he had the chance.
                           	Using everything he had learned in fighting practice with Taka, he 
                           tried biting and slashing at the hawk. Unfortunately the hawk had the 
                           ability to fly, something he had never had to deal with before.
                           	Taka was stunned stiff for an instant, then regained his senses. 
                           He leaped out, but instead of pouncing on his brother, he pounced on the 
                           hawk. The bird landed on it's back, but kept fighting with both talon 
                           and beak.
                           	Both cubs fought as a team, trying to stop the danger without 
                           getting hurt. However, only a few seconds into the fight the hawk's 
                           right foot connected with Taka. He was knocked away, but came back and 
                           fought as best he could. Mufasa glanced over when he could, but he was 
                           on his brothers right side. The only thing he could see on Taka was a 
                           little dirt and some blood dripping from the end of his muzzle. 
                           Eventually the two killed the hawk, with Mufasa ripping open it's throat 
                           with his claws. Finally he got a chance to look at his brothers wound. 
                           "Taka....." was all he could say. Taka's entire left side of his face 
                           shone bright red. His eye was swelling shut, and blood was dripping off 
                           his cheek like a small stream. "We gotta get you home!"
                           	Not having the strength to protest, the two started walking home 
                           together. They weren't out of sight from the hawk's body when Taka 
                           stumbled. "I...can't..." he said.
                           	"Yes, you can!" Mufasa tried helping his brother up, but Taka 
                           couldn't stand. "OK, you wait here. I'll get dad!" Taka's eyes closed 
                           watching Mufasa running off. "OK, will do" he said weakly.
                           	Taka woke up, then wished he hadn't. He slowly started crying, and 
                           was surprised to hear a sigh of relief. "Hey, you awake Taka?" The voice 
                           seemed far away yet it rebounded in his head, making his headache worse. 
                           Still, it was unmistakably his father's voice.
                           	" hurts....." was all he could say between whimpers.
                           	His father gave him a long lick over the left side of his face. It 
                           helped clean the wound, but also had the healing property of any parents 
                           kiss. "that any better?"
                           	Dispite his headache, the little cub managed to smile. "Yeah, 
                           thanks." He opened his eyes, but everything looked weird. He tried to 
                           stand, but immediately got dizzy when he tried to walk. "What's wrong 
                           with me?"
                           	His father held him close and nuzzled him softly. "you lost a lot 
                           of blood. that was a nasty cut you got." He paused before saying 
                           anymore. Then he bit onto a large turtle shell full of water, left there 
                           by Rafiki for the cub to drink. He pulled the shell over to his son. 
                           "Look in the water and see."
                           	the cub got up and, with help from his fathers paw, made it over 
                           to the shell and looked at his reflection. His left eye was large and 
                           red, swollen completely shut. The "cut", a long deep gash, could be seen 
                           going over that eye. "Am I gonna stay like this?" he asked, his eye 
                           hurting as it worked to tear up with its partner.
                           	"No, Rafiki says your eye will open, you just need time. The cut 
                           will leave a scar though." he paused, trying to think of the right way 
                           to say what was next. "Taka, Mufasa told me everything that happened. 
                           About the hawk, your getting back up and everything. Son....I want you 
                           to know how..."
                           	"Upset you are, right? That I wasn't smart enough to get out of 
                           the fight without getting hurt?" He was still teared up, yet somehow 
                           found a way to approach tears.
                           	"No, how proud I am of you. You saw that hawk come down, and you 
                           knew how dangerous it was. Yet you still jumped on it and probably saved 
                           your brothers life. Even after nearly having your eye cut out, you 
                           fought with him side by side. If you were smart, you would have run away 
                           when you saw the hawk. Since you ran ahead instead of away, I'd consider 
                           that scar a mark of bravery and love."
                           	Taka was confused, mainly because he had lost too much blood to be 
                           paying attention to anything. Then he saw his brother walking backward 
                           toward him, dragging something. "I thought you could use some food to 
                           get your strength back." Taka looked, as best he could. His brother had 
                           dragged the hawk all the way to Pride Rock.
                           	Taka looked at his father and brother, then turned to see his 
                           mother, who had held him in her paws till he woke up. Then he walked 
                           over to the hawk and started eating, feeling more loved then ever before 
                           in his life.

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