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Scar's Revenge (Story) Rene Gorydon

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               SCAR'S REVENGE
                           by Rene Groyon
                           It was a cold and dark night. Simba and family were sleeping when suddenly
                           they heard strange noises. 
                           SIMBA: What was that??? 
                           NALA: I don't know. Must be the wind.
                           Simba and Nala went back to sleep. So, every night they hear these strange
                           noises. In the middle of the night, a mist was hovering over Pride Rock.
                           Suddenly, the mist took into shape into a GHOST OF UNCLE SCAR!!! SCAR IS
                           BACK!!!! Also, he had a plan to kill Simba.  
                           Scar: First, I'll kidnap his cubs and if he doesn't surrender to me, I'll
                           kill them all!!! HAHAHAH!!!! 
                           So, Scar went toward Simba and family who're sleeping. 
                           SCAR: SIMBA!!!! I'm back for my revenge!!!!!
                           Simba and Nala woke up with a surprise fright. 
                           SIMBA: I DON'T BELIEVE IT!!!
                           NALA: Me neither. 
                           SCAR: OH YES!!!!  I'm gonna kill you and your cubs!!!! (Scar leaps to kill
                           Simba and family)
                           Suddenly, a mysterious cloaked figuere stood before Scar just as he was
                           about to kill. 
                           Mystery figure: No!!! I won't let you do it!!!! I must put your soul to
                           rest. With that he began to sing a religious song from God. He raises his
                           Mystery figure: THE POWER OF GOD AND CHRIST COMPELLS YOU!!!! 
                           (he repeats it many times)
                           SCAR: NOOOOOO!!!!!!!!! I WANT MY REVENGE!!!!! AAAHHH!!!!
                           With that, the ghost of Scar was gone in a puffing of thick smoke. Timon
                           and Pumbaa woke with a surprise..
                           TIMON AND PUMBAA: WHAT'S GOING ON HERE???
                           SIMBA: I'll explain later. Whoever you are, thanks for the help.
                           Mystery figure: You're welcome.
                           Suddenly, the figure took his hood off. It was Annie, a lioness catholic
                           shaman. She was almost as beautiful as Nala.
                           Annie: I know you won't believe this, but I'm Scar's niece. 
                           SIMBA: WOOW!!! All this time I didn't know I had niece and I'm Scar's
                           nephew. Thanks for the help. 
                           Annie: My story was that my dad hid me from Scar because Scar was always
                           bossy. So, that's why I remain safely anonymous.
                           SIMBA: Tell Timon and Pumbaa that nothing happened. Because they're a
                           non-believer to ghosts. They would just laugh at us. 
                           NALA: OK. Tim and Pum, it's all right. Nothing happened really.
                           TIMON: Sure!! I don't think there'll be new adventures.
                           NALA: (Whispering) You don't know half of it. 
                           				PART TWO
                           One day, Timon and Pumbaa were walking into the vast grasslands of Pride Rock.
                           TIMON: What a nice day for a walk eh, Pumbaa???
                           PUMBAA: YEAH!!!
                           TIMON: (looks into a weird statue he bumped into) What's this, Pumbaa???
                           PUMBAA: I don't know. The statue has 2 horns on side of his head, 2 red
                           fire eyes, half man, half-animal. I REALLY don't know. Let's go back and
                           tell Simba and Nala that we're just playing. OK???
                           TIMON: OK??? 
                           Meanwhile, the time passed by. It was night already. The statue they didn't
                           know was that it was a statue of a DEVIL!!! Suddenly, a ghostly mist
                           hovered around the devil statue. It was the ghost of Scar and the trio
                           hyenas!!!! (Banzai, Shenzi, Ed) They were ressurrected as if by some
                           supernatural force. 
                           Scar: You three haunt Simba and his friends while I think of a plan to kill
                           Simba and I'll be king of Pride Rock and the underworld as well!!!! HAHAHA!!! 
                           Hyenas: OK. We get you. 
                           So, every night they haunted Simba and his friends (except for Timon and
                           Pumbaa who're fast asleep!!!) 
                           Until the time when Scar called his hyenas and had a plan. 
                           Scar: I'll talk to Simba that I'm back and more powerful and you three make
                           sure that Rafiki doesn't use his symbols of the cross and Holy Bible. 
                           Hyenas: OK. Let's get that monkey!!!!!
                           The hyenas stole every religious materials from Rafiki while he was
                           sleeping. Finally, Scar went to Simba and family..
                           Scar: SIMBA!!!!! I'M BAACK!!! 
                           Simba: (surprised) IT CAN'T BE!!!! WE DESTROYED YOU!!!! 
                           Nala: (waking) WHAT THE!!!!??? SCAR??? IMPOSSIBLE!!! I THOUGHT YOU'RE DEAD!!!
                           Scar: I was resurrected by that statue of the devil by some supernatural
                           force. Now, I'M GONNA AVENGE FOR MY DEATH AND THRONE!!!!! HAHAHA!!! 
                           Just as Scar was about to kill Simba and family, another ghost appeared. It
                           was Mufasa!!!
                           Mufasa: Scar, brother, IT'S TIME YOU MEET YOUR MATCH!!!
                           Scar: NEVER!!!!!
                           Mufasa fought with Scar until Scar was hurt and he limped away, very injured. 
                           Scar: I'LL BE BACK FOR YOU!!!!! 
                           Hyenas: You can count on it!!!!!!
                           Scar and his hyenas disappeared and returned to the statue of the devil.
                           Simba and family had devised a plan of getting rid of Scar and his hyenas
                           once and for all. 
                           Simba: I think we should destroy that devil statue where Scar and his
                           hyenas were resurrected. 
                           Nala: If you say so.
                           Soon, they destroyed with big boulders rolling it towards the statue until
                           it was in rubble. 
                           Simba: I don't know where did this came from, but at least we won't Scar
                           and his hyenas.
                           Nala: I hope you're right. 
                           They went to Pride Rock. Simba and Nala went to sleep. But, Timon and
                           Pumbaa woke early before them. 
                           Timon: What's going here??? Is there anything wrong??
                           Simba: No, Timon. We've just had nightmares about the ghost of Scar.
                           Timon: OK. I'll just eat breakfast. It's already dawn.
                           Simba and Nala: (laughs) They don't know half of it. Do they??
                           Simba: No, they won't know. hahahah.. 
                           				THE END.

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