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Spicer LoveJoy
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Spicer Lovejoy was the valet and bodyguard of the film's main villain, Caledon Hockley, an arrogant steel magnate. A former Pinkerton's detective on the maiden voyage of the RMS Titanic, Lovejoy was considered a villain himself. Hockley framed Jack Dawson for the "theft" of the Heart of the Ocean diamond by putting it in Jack's pilfered coat, and he was taken to E Deck by Lovejoy. Meanwhile, the Titanic was sinking fast; Lovejoy eventually handcuffed Jack to a pipe and left to drown as the brig started to flood. However, Rose DeWitt Bukater refused to believe that Jack was guilty of stealing the diamond and managed to free him from the brig just as it began to overflow. Although Hockley survives the sinking after getting on a lifeboat, it's implied that Lovejoy perishes during the splitting of the ship.

The 2005 DVD release of the film added a couple of tidbits about the character. A brief piece of dialogue reveals that Lovejoy is a former cop hired by Hockley's father to take care of his son. Also in a scene cut from later in the film, Hockley orders Lovejoy to kill both Jack and Rose in exchange for the Heart of the Ocean diamond. Lovejoy calls his master a "bastard" for doing this, but goes along with it, though he is unable to defeat Jack in the fight that follows. This explains why Lovejoy sports a head injury just before his death in the final version of the film.

In the film, Lovejoy carries a customized Colt 1911 .45. It is one of the first editions and has elaborate engravings on the slide and frame, it also has pearlized grips. You can tell it's an early edition by the trigger; it had a trigger more like a revolver, instead of the solid trigger later models sported. It's implied that Lovejoy carries the pistol throughout the film; it is accurate that he could have this gun. It was first introduced in 1911, one year before the Titanic sank. It is possible that Caledon's father gave it to Lovejoy to either entice him to take the job, or as appreciation for his protecting his son.